There is an exciting array of workshops available.
All workshops are conducted in a warm, supportive, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. These are aimed at encouraging self mastery and teaching you the tools to enhance your own life.

Workshop Titles include :  

  • Facing the Fire Works ! ------ Anger to Passion workshop  

It teaches embracing your inner anger that you’ve been hanging onto and using it constructively to manifest your creativity and passion in a positive way ! Choose to use your powerful force effectively !

  • The Inner Child Workshop

This workshop will validate your wounded inner child to break through old family cycles and connect with a fresh vision of your own child, enriched by years of adult experience. Our belief systems come from our early dependency phase of life. This is when we learn to look and expect from outside ourselves, when in reality we need to look and embrace that which is within.
  • Tools for living your Full Potential
This workshop is dedicated to sharing some simple techniques that will help you make positive changes to your life in a safe , supportive and caring environment.
  • Colour Therapy Workshop
This is about learning how “colours’’ can enrich and heal our lives and how they affect us on an emotional and spiritual level. It also includes introduction to the Seven Chakras of the body and their corresponding colours and auras.
  • Meditation Classes

You,ll be taken on a journey of guided meditations& visualizations covering many areas of your life such as career, health, relationships, spiritual self, children and finances.

The outcome of these journeys creates a sacred space within us that brings clarity, a sense of peace and calmness and quite often , resolution of the isses of the past and most excitingly a fresh positive vision of our future !

Some of the Topics covered are :  

  • Creative Visualisation
  • Creating True Prosperity
  • Developing intuition

These classes allow the participants to go back out into the world and continue their daily routines now armed with helpful tools from their higher selves !! and with a powerful feeling of being fully in charge of their lives !

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